CAPThere is a bewildering array of RTF (ready to fly) and ARF (almost ready to fly) models available to the aspiring park pilot. Not all of them are as “beginner friendly” as the ad copy promises. A bad choice here may become a nasty experience, forever ruining a persons outlook on the fastest growing, most pleasurable hobby in the world.

Before you spend money, spend some time with experienced flyers. The RMEF club has grown out of a group of quiet flyers who love the hobby and want to share their aquired knowledge to make the experience SAFE and FUN for the beginner. We invite you to come out and soak up free advice from people that have been through the learning curve. Check out our trainer plane and buddy box program. If you already have a plane, bring it out for help with set-up. If you are an experienced flyer, please join with us to promote the sport and expand it’s potential.

A Short History of RMEF!

In 2001 a small group of electric RC'ers began flying at Sloans Lake and later, at the Stenger Sports Complex in Arvada, Colorado.Among the fliers was Jorge, Rich, Cory, Eric and Ray. Over time the good folks at Hobby Giant and Thompsons Hobby began referring new e-pilots to join them. In 2002 I went out to Stenger and met the group. During that summer we began talking about formalizing the gang into a club and joining the AMA. By this time we had about a dozen regulars including Chuck C., Dustin, Todd, Glenn, Mike G., Frank, Chuck S., Axle, Gregg S., Burt and Terry. We were rapidly outgrowing Stenger and during soccer season we were forced to move to Drake Middle School, which was dangerously small. In addition to the site problems the performance of the aircraft increased as we tried new aircraft and power systems. It was obvious that continuing to fly on public land was an accident waiting to happen. In December of 2003 the 4 members who also happened to be AMA members signed on as officers for the AMA club charter application which was granted in Feburary 2004. The AMA charter # was 4525 and the official name of the club became the Rocky Mountain Electric Flyers.

By very good fortune one of the members, Webmaster Gregg S., made contact with the site manager of Cobe Cardiovascular Labs and was able to obtain permission to use the empty lot north of their facility. They own about half the land and the other half is (so far) unused. At this time a larger problem developed; The land was very close to being within the 3 mile minimum spacing required between an existing AMA RC field, the site used by the Arvada Associated Modellers. Although many fliers were eager to start using the Cobe site, cooler heads prevailed and a frequency scan was arranged with AAM. Also, GPS measurements showed that the actual distance was 3.17 miles (!). The scans showed that there was no interference and the next weekend, May 2nd, 2004, Cobe Airdrome saw its first official RMEF flights. Cobe Labs has been named on our AMA insurance and we have tried to maintain a good relationship with all our neighbors. During the summer of 2004 we saw the number of members and guests grow each week, including fliers who have a dual membership in both RMEF and other clubs. Our official membership as of November, 2004 is 59 and growing. As a sign of the recognition the club has received the Arvada Associated Modellers asked RMEF to participate in their September 11, 2004 Airshow and we were happy to take part. The e-power portion of the show was very well received and over 500 spectators witnessed electric Hotliners, Helis, Gliders and 3D models.

Gregg S. has designed a great Website (.www.rmeflyers.org) which helps to keep everyone in touch with the goings-on of the club even if they can't make the flying sessions. We have meetings every 2 months in Arvada, recently named a safety committee which formed rules recommendations adopted by the club and we now have 4 trainer airplanes, kindly donated by Hobby Giant, Thompsons Hobby and Colpar West. In addition the club has purchased 2 canopies, chairs, fire extinguishers as well as "buddy" radios. As we enter our second year of official AMA membership the future looks bright for RMRF thanks largely to the hard work and dedication of the members and the generosity of our friends.On behalf of the entire club I would like to express our gratitude to all those who helped make the dream of an all-electric flying club a reality!

We take fun seriously!

  • Our approach may be casual, but safety is the priority. Even the lightest, slowest models have the potential to damage property or cause injury.
  • Learning to fly with RMEF members will help provide you with basic safety guidelines that the new flyer may not be aware of.
  • We strongly encourage all flyers to consider joining the AMA—Academy of Model Aeronautics– a wealth of data, technical and otherwise, is made available, and membership also provides you with liability insurance.
  • NOTE: You do not have to be a member of RMEF and AMA to come out and fly with us (organized events may be an exception), but it does offer the best opportunity to grow with the hobby and invest in the future of the sport.

Some Club Goals:

  • Establish one or more dedicated fields.
  • Organize local and regional invitational events (fun flys, swap meets,competitions, etc.).
  • Encourage local hobby shops to provide a large selection of products specific to electric flying.
  • Promote electric R/C flying and technology.

2005 Board of Directors

President:   Jorge A Castorena

Vice President/Secretary:  Ron Evans

Treasurer:  Chuck Cadillac

Safety Officer: Glenn Crowder

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